What is Cyber Varta?

Cyber Varta is technically India’s first infosec talk show, which is highly dedicated to inviting celebrities who are somehow inclined towards the domain of cyber security in any manner. Moreover, this show is highly hosted by Mohit Yadav – a renowned cyber security expert who is pretty famous all over the world for his immense contribution to the field of cyber security by building an army of future cyber security professionals. For more information, click Mohit Yadav.

How can I become a Cyber Varta Speaker?

It’s pretty good to know that you are keen to join us on our talk show. You may contact us at our email address or call our 24X7 hotline mobile number +91-9513805401. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

How can I contact a Cyber Varta Speaker?

You can easily contact any of our Cyber Varta speakers simply by their social media handles, which are generally visible on the screen at frequent intervals during our episodes.

How can I nominate someone else to become a Cyber Varta Speaker?

That is so great, as you are showing such love to Cyber Varta. In this case, you may provide the concerned person’s details to our PR Team by mailing the same to our email address [email protected].

Who can become a Cyber Varta Speaker?

Any person who has a strong connection with the cyber security industry and possesses a good reputation in any of the backgrounds of cyber security can become a Cyber Varta speaker.

How is a Cyber Varta Speaker selected?

Cyber Varta speakers are solely selected by our PR Team after scrutinizing their professional cyber security background and their contribution towards this industry. It is to be noted that we do not charge our guests to come on our platform.

How to connect with the Cyber Varta team?

You may contact us the following mentioned methods: By calling: +91-9513805401 or, By Emailing: [email protected]