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Provide the Young Generation with all essential Cyber Security information with candid chats on our exclusive cyber talk show named ‘Cyber Varta’ hosted by a renowned cyber security expert worldwide – Mohit Yadav.

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About Cybervarta

The idea of Cyber Varta was conceptualized to impart quality cyber security information as a questions & answers session asked by Mr. Mohit Yadav – the Founder & Director of CRAW Security and a renowned cyber security expert all over the world to eminent dignitaries of IT Security domain. In addition, Cyber Varta is a valuable talk show that expresses the trending cyber security topics and takes notions of them while having questionnaire sessions with respected cyber security fraternities.
Moreover, the personalities that do come to our episodes are highly decorated and respected in the mainstream of cyber security at various levels. At Cyber Varta – an initiative sponsored by Craw Security, we try to deliver only excellence and quality while exceeding the expectations of our views during the exchange of dialogues between our eminent guests and our host.

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Cyber Security Quotient

There are a bulk of videos made by our host Mr. Mohit Yadav in order to let people know more about every minor to the major aspect of cyber security and the significant cybercrimes that are trending in the current market are harming the people by any means.

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Mohit Yadav

Founder of Cybervarta

The host of Cyber Varta – an informative initiative launched under the knowledge-sharing umbrella of Craw Security, Mr. Mohit Yadav, is the founder of Cyber Varta, who has come up with this magnificent idea along with his team members. He thought he should create such a talk show where candid conversation or dialogue exchange could occur between two people, which can influence a young generation to take a step forward and make a career in cyber security.
In the league of creating a suitable and worthwhile cyber army of working professionals, Mohit Yadav is all set to deliver world-class cyber security experts after training them with the best knowledge and by providing education through his cyber security courses venture – Craw Security.
“As technology is reaping, it is bringing many anti-social elements as cyber adversaries to steal our money and sensitive information for misuse. We intend to beware you from them!”
Mohit Yadav,
Host of Cyber Varta – An InfoSec Talk Show! Founder and Director of Craw Security.

Cyber Security News

We also deliver cyber security news to your smart devices or systems’ screens in the shortest possible time with the actual ground report and the facts and evidence supporting them. Our reporting and editors team work tirelessly to make this possible.
Catch the open conversation in our talk show, Cyber Varta, where our host Mr. Mohit Yadav – a renowned cyber security expert worldwide, reveals many hidden cybersecurity secrets during candid chats with our eminent guest personalities.

Cyber Education

The main objective of Cyber Varta is to deliver the viewers a great as well as impacting cyber security facts check and the related educational quotient with it. The more the educational rise happens among our standard population, the more they get to save themselves from the severe consequences of cyber attacks and data breaching.
With the help of our cyber security education partner – Craw Security, we deliver the best of cyber security education to all interested viewers who wish to become good learners and create an astonishing career in the field of cyber security.

Cyber Upskilling

Cyber Upskilling is one of the most desired values received by our beloved audience. I.e., Enhancing their current knowledge parameter related to the current market trends of the latest cyberattacks and the precautionary methods to beware of them. We believe that after having a go-through in a pretty interesting manner via Q&A sessions we conduct during Cyber Varta episodes, viewers tend to learn more about the latest cyber attacks, cybersecurity trends, consequences of these cyber attacks, data breaching, etc.
This will entirely benefit the viewers in the long run, which can even turn themselves or someone they know into future cyber security professionals and serve the country in saving the datasets from this type of illicit hacking activity.

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